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Anthony Florio

Design – Intérieurs

L'Air du Temps **

It is rare that rural inn bears so well-chosen name. Pretty, white buildings of restaurant & inn L’Air du Temps, run by the famous two-star chef Sang-Hoon Degeimbre seem to come out of the ground surrounded by vegetable fields.

Cooperation between Sang-Hoon and the designers has a new chapter – EXSUD’s designers and interior designers are breathing a new life into this already mythical place. It is more than a style – it is a soul.

Depending on the season or just for little more privacy you can choose interior room which combines wood and stone, like the roughness and sophistication, the brown, the beige and the grey.

Everything is focused around the fireplace which spreads its heat to the guests who are seating in deep leather armchairs in Art Deco style. Drops of lighting give a brightness to the red heat.