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Anthony Florio

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Ryb Winter

Breath of the eastern steppes in the latest winter collection RYB.
Exsud takes its inspiration from primitive art. Ornamental perforations cut out of natural and primitive material revealed in the glow of the torches’ flames. Warm light goes through the openwork lamp’ oval and flows around the lacquered surface of the other collection elements in the shades of nature. In this unusual scenery, interior of the hut surrounds us like the protective bubble filled with dreams of adventures. Around pillows and rugs from fur fabrics - warm and soft cocoon. Sitting on soft ottomans or bench with mild lines - an alternative for carved wooden stools, at the metal table, we can share a meal directly from the glass bowl.

At twilight, we divine our barely visible reflection in the huge mirror of elliptical shape. This is the proof that dreams come true ...